SEN0539 Voice Recognition Module Code and library for C#

userHead SquareZones 2024-02-06 08:22:49 209 Views0 Replies

Good Afternoon team, 

As of Raspberry PI 4, Visual Stuido Code is usable on the Raspberry Pi, allowing us to utilize C# code. I have built some C# projects for Raspberry PI and do not want to use Python code or Arduino. 


Currently, in your documentation, you have some examples of Ardieno diagrams and some Python code examples (neither of which I am very familiar with). The documentation mentions a GitHub repo (DFRobot_DF2301Q) that I have cloned down it looks like it has some C++ files/library. 


Could you please put a NuGet package out for C# or provide me with a .dll that I can call some method to get the int value for the command spoken? 


I would appreciate it greatly!! Thank you very much!!