Gravity: Offline Language Learning Voice Recognition Sensor

userHead Jeffro 2024-02-16 17:33:48 885 Views3 Replies

Looking for a way to detect when the unit wakes up, so when you say hello robot it detects this and a action can then be performed.

Does not send a CMDID when this action is performed.

Anyone have a thought on how this can be done.

2024-03-31 21:10:10

Hello, To whom it may concern,

I have two(2) Voice Recognition DF2301OG V1.0 MODULES bought from DFRobot,

When power is applied, the power light will come on and a female voice in a foreign language will come on briefly, my language is US/UK English, then the module will go off, and the wake-up word (Hello Robot) have no effect. Please help.


userHeadPic Saint
2024-02-19 10:07:34


Please refer to the following wiki page:


The CMID for the Wake-up word “hello robot” is ID 2 

Please try the following code

When you awaken the module, it should return you with the correct ID:

And this is the result that I got when I tested mine:

Hope this helps, 


userHeadPic xingzhao.zhu
Donald.Butterworth wrote:

I had similar problem with arduino code.     It was using different pins for serial.  Some old uno use

pins 0 and 1 for serial 

2024-03-23 23:35:33
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