ESP-IDF DFrobot driver code not wroking properly

userHead ABhayKondru 2024-02-20 14:34:35 507 Views0 Replies

I am currently working on integrating the DFrobot_AXP313A library with ESP-IDF for the OV5640 camera on the ESP32-S3 FireBeetle 2 board. The OV5640 camera has been successfully interfaced with Arduino by adjusting the DVDD and AVDD parameters in the DFrobot_AXP313A.cpp file.

In transitioning to ESP-IDF, I have made the necessary adjustments to the DFrobot_AXP313A.c file to configure the AVDD and DVDD voltages. However, I am encountering intermittent issues with camera initialization. There is a lack of comprehensive examples or documentation for using this library with ESP-IDF, complicating the debugging process.

Despite the efforts, the camera sometimes fails to initialize, and I am seeking guidance on how to resolve this issue effectively. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated