Think I Might Have Bricked My Unihiker

userHead Marc.Helfman 2024-02-23 15:46:38 295 Views4 Replies

Every so often, when you first start running a Python program in Mind+, the IDE takes several seconds to erase some memory locations on the Unihiker. On one such occasion, I accidentally hit the Stop button. Now I get an error message if I try to run a program that has code to read an analog value from a sensor connected to one of the 3 pin I/O ports on the side of the Unihiker.

2024-04-07 12:17:37

I tried the re-install of the OS on, but after I downloaded the image file and tried to load it as in step 3, I got a message saying the the image was damaged. 


userHeadPic Marc.Helfman
2024-03-20 11:08:05

This error usually means that there is a program running on the Unihiker that includes pinpong. You can try refreshing the firmware of the GD32 coprocessor, as per these instructions:

userHeadPic LL
2024-02-23 17:01:45

Would you post your code and your error message?

Or try to re-install the OS?



userHeadPic Yeez_B
Marc.Helfman wrote:

Thanks for the quick reply. Here's the code snippet:


from pinpong.board import *

import time




adc = ADC(Pin(Pin.P21))


while True:

    value =




and here's the error message:

RuntimeError: *** Analog map retrieval timed out *** Do you have Arduino connectivity and do you have the correct Firmata sketch uploaded to the board?


Thanks for OS re-install link; I'll give it a try.


2024-02-24 13:36:26
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