Solar Power Manager 5V no charge battery

userHead Emmanuel.COLUSSI 2024-02-24 06:34:21 343 Views2 Replies


I use a 5V Solar Power Manager to power a XIAO ESP32C3. During the day it's powered by the solar panel and at night by the battery. But I find that the battery is never recharged. I measure the battery voltage as well as the solar panel voltage, and if the solar panel voltage is too low as well as the battery voltage, I switch off the power supply on the USB port.
Is this normal? Is there something I'm not doing right?





2024-03-01 15:17:08

Yes , I use the following wiring, the only difference is that I connected an ESP32 instead of the Arduino.

But I'm noticing something strange ... or did I understand the Solar Power Manager correctly …I must be doing something wrong ... 

when I supply the input with a solar panel well exposed I have a voltage of 6V at the connector and at the outputs: (USB and also at the connector on the board )I only have a voltage of 3v ? and when I connect a battery to the solar input I have a constant voltage of 4.34V (over the course of a day) and at the outputs I have 5V.I have the impression that my system is never solar-powered.I've connected an ESP32 5v power supply to the output.An idea of the problem someone can enlighten me 😀

userHeadPic Emmanuel.COLUSSI
2024-02-29 14:31:16

Can you provide me with your wiring diagram?

userHeadPic Xiao