Duration of Submersion for Gravity Analog Dissolved Oxygen Sensor in Freshwater Environments

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I'm currently working on a project aimed at monitoring dissolved oxygen levels in freshwater environments, particularly in aquaculture cages located in lakes. As part of this project, I'm planning to use the Gravity Analog Dissolved Oxygen Sensor interfaced with an Arduino board for real-time monitoring. However, before I proceed, I wanted to inquire about the sensor's durability and longevity when submerged in freshwater for extended periods.


Specifically, I'm interested in knowing:


- How long can the Gravity Analog Dissolved Oxygen Sensor be safely submerged in freshwater (lake) can it be up to weeks or months?- Are there any specific considerations or precautions I should be aware of to ensure the sensor's performance over time?- Have any fellow users had experience with using this sensor in similar freshwater monitoring applications, and if so, what were your findings?


Any insights, recommendations, or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated, as this information is crucial for the success of my project. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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It depends on the water quality, for turbid water, the membrane cap usually needs to be replaced in 1~2 months, for clear water, the membrane cap usually needs to be replaced in 4~5 months. Electrode filling solution is recommended to be replaced once a month.

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Thank you.

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