Gravity SCI DAQ board sensor compatability

userHead Andrew.Ferry 2024-03-01 05:30:11 128 Views1 Replies

I have been tasked with installing a Gravity SCI DAQ board with turbidity (SEN0189) and water temperature sensor (KIT0021) 

I have updated the firmware successfully on the board but still cannot see the SEN0189 on the menu list.

Nor can I see this sensor on the compatible part list on the product page.  Can anyone confirm wether this sensor is compatable with this board or is planned to be? Otherwise what are my option? Arduino board?


Also a separate problem is I have a water temp sensor plugged in as well but is not reading any temperature. Just logs 0.0deg. I have triple checked wiring and rx/tx wire. 


Any help will be very much appreciated.

2024-03-01 16:18:51


Given that the SEN0189 is not on our official processor list turbidity sensors can be obtained by reading the analog.

Since the SEN0189 is powered by 5V and the output of the SCI module and the analog input of it is only 3.3V,  the SEN0189 could be work under 3.3V but the reading would be different, so we think you can only get a relative reference value, not an accurate value.

But as a reminder, both SEN0189 and KIT0021 are 3pin sensors and only one can be accessed by one SCI at the same time.

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