Connecting Gravity Speech Synthesis Module with Micro:Bit expansion board, sensor:bit

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May I know how I connect the Gravity Speech Synthesis Module with the Micro:bit expansion board, sensor:bit? And also how do I code it on makecode micro: bit ( Is there any extension for that module?


Please reply as soon as possible.


2024-03-04 21:17:33

Okay, thank you for your help. 

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2024-03-04 11:44:17

Thank you for your reply. 

If let's say, I want it to be in micro: python, just directly use the text-to-speech extension then it works fine, right?

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Yeez_B wrote:

This product does not support MicroPython in Mind+, we recommend that you use ArdunioC mode for block programming.

2024-03-04 14:05:53
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2024-03-04 09:55:02

This speech module could compatible with any expansion board that lead out the I2C pins. Such as this board, you could connect it to the I2C.






But it does not have MakeCode extension, you could code it via the Mind+, which is also a block code IDE.



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