Husky-Windows10 serial over the CP210x interface does not work

userHead Charles.des Lions 2024-03-04 04:23:45 146 Views2 Replies

I tried to connect HuskyLens over serial by using the USB interface (Silicon CP210x USB to USART bridge) from a Windows10 labtop but it does not work.
The bridge is working well because the firmware update did work.
The com port is COM9. I am using Python with the
What do I wrong?

2024-03-04 18:20:44

Thanks, I will do so. I have a FTDI USB to serial and USB to I2C device.

userHeadPic Charles.des Lions
2024-03-04 09:30:37

The USB interface on the HuskyLens could only be used as the firmware update or the power supply.

Maybe you could connect your USB to USART to the PH2.0 interface.

userHeadPic Yeez_B