Turbidity sensor with ESP32

userHead Eduardo.Perez 2024-03-08 10:19:27 278 Views4 Replies

I want to connect a Turbidity sensor SEN0189 with a ESP32, i know that they output Esp32 is 3.3V but is it possible? I've seen some tutorials where they modify the voltage input variable with 3.3 but I'm not sure if the analog input read is the correct

2024-03-13 13:01:49

I've recently join the community so please tell  us more about this.

userHeadPic royce.lupe
2024-03-08 11:06:05

The SEN0189 can only support a 5V supply and some ESP32 boards do by 5V pins.
But the key point is that the SEN0189 may output more than 3.3V, which is beyond the tolerance of the ESP32 pins.





You can see that if the turbidity of your water is below 2300, the voltage would exceed 3.3V


userHeadPic Yeez_B
Eduardo.Perez wrote:

I'm a begginer in this area but could I connect a resistor in the analog pin before that it connect with the ESP32 pin? I think that with this i ensure that the voltage is not exceeded

This is correct?

2024-03-09 10:54:06
Yeez_B wrote:

Adding a voltage divider resistor to do it is OK, but the above table of voltage and turbidity is completely invalidated.
You may need to do your own voltage calibration. I think this is a lot of work.

2024-03-11 17:26:43
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