Firebeetle ESP32-E ADC voltage measuring

userHead Riley.Baldock 2024-03-08 12:49:41 155 Views1 Replies

trying to measure voltage using Firebeetle ESP32-E to show on HA through ESPhome, esphome says the following below, but this is then showing double the voltage in HA, is it true that this has an internal voltage devider or do i need to make one?

2024-03-08 13:56:53

The schematic illustrates that IO34 is connected to the VBAT pin and has these two 1M voltage divider resistors.
This is because VBAT is connected to the 3.4V Lipo. The maximum voltage of the 3.7V Lipo may reach 4.2V. This exceeds the ESP32's pin tolerance, which is 3.3V.

If you want to measure the exact voltage, it is recommended that you can use other analogue input pins.

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