FAQ about Gravity: Capacitive Fingerprint Sensor 【SEN0359】

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Q1: My ESP32 is able to detect the I2C address of the SEN0359, but I can't initialise it using the wiki sample code. And it can be initialised normally with Arduino.

A1: Please make sure you are using the official Arduino SDK of espressif, if it is a third-party SDK, the underlying wire library may not be able to read 32 bytes at once.
You can refer to the Github issue in the following link to troubleshoot the problem.


Github issue:



You could also upload the test code in this issue to check if your ESP32 or other controller could read 32 bytes at once


Q2: Can't program light rings in Mind+?

A2: Please upgrade your Mind+ version to V1.7.3 or above.



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