GPIO Pins on ESP32c6

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I am having trouble getting an external LED blinking on the ESP32-C6 Beetle Board. I now search everywhere without a Result and i am thinking there are no available GPIO pins on this board for a switch or in my case an LED. Am i right or completely wrong?


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2024-03-18 01:13:50

okay, well im trying to blink an led on pin 6 but the beetle doesnt set the pin high or low. i measured with a multimeter

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Yeez_B wrote:

Have you been pulling GPIO6 high and testing it with a multimeter?
This works fine on my Beetle ESP32 C6.


2024-03-19 17:52:54
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2024-03-16 06:49:29

From the specs ”Beetle ESP32-C6 provides up to 13 IO ports, alleviating concerns about insufficient IO ports during project development.”


so plenty of ports



Digital I/O x13LED PWM 6 ChannelSPI x1UART x3 (LP UART x1)I2C x2 (LP I2C x1)I2S x1IR Transceiver: transmit channel x5, receive channel x51 × 12-bit SAR ADC, 7 ChannelDMA Controller: transmit channel x3, receive channel x3
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