FAQ about Gravity: Analog Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Sensor (0-10000 ppm) 【SEN0159】

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Q1: Can I use this sensor with an ESP32

A1:  The output voltage of this sensor is 0~5V, while the ESP32 ADC pin tolerance is 3.3V. so it is not recommended to connect it to the ESP32 for use.



Q2: I am using this sensor on an Arduino, but the sensor is not giving me the normal data feedback.

A2: This sensor probe operates at 6V, we have integrated a boost circuit on the board, but this will draw a lot of current when using the sensor.
So if you are using a USB port to power the Arduino, this may often not be enough.
We recommend that you use a VIN or Barrel jack (DC2.1) to power the Arduino with 7~12V.



Q3: Strange readings on my Arduino UNO R4.

A3: Arduino UNO R4 and R3 have different ADC accuracies, so the 1024 (2^10) in the code needs to be changed to 4096 (2^12)




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