problem connecting Dualshock PS4 controller to Firebeetle ESP32 with bluetooth

userHead Joshua.Parcel 2024-03-27 01:01:05 104 Views0 Replies

I bought some FireBeetle ESP32's that I wanted to use to wirelessly
connect to a DualShock PS4 (PlayStation 4) controller.

I think I followed the exact process listed at:
"" and
"", with the exception of the
Sixaxis Pairing section, since I thought I could set the address the
controller would pair with by connecting it to a PS4 console and then
reading what the MAC address was with the console menu.

While I think I should use the MAC address it has listed next to
"WIFI" (28:66:e3:c8:54:eb), I also tried the address it had next to
"LAN cable" (78:c8:81:0a:68:46) in the console menu, and a also a
third address that was associated with the controller and was obtained
from an Arduino program that searches for all Bluetooth devices and
prints their name and MAC address (f4:93:9f:af:fd:fc).

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the FireBeetle ESP32 to connect
with the PS4 controller with any of these three addresses in the code
that was uploaded.

I can provide code if needed, but it is very basic and pulled directly from the posts/blogs mentioned above. If you need it, just let me know.

Do you know what the problem might be and what I need to do differently?