How to change the temperature compensating formula on SEN0244

userHead Kelvin.Lacerda 2024-03-27 01:29:17 240 Views0 Replies

in the script of the TDS sensor, there is a formula to compensate te temperature, since it doesn't have a temperature sensor:


float compensationCoefficient=1.0+0.02*(temperature-25.0); //temperature compensation formula: fFinalResult(25^C) = fFinalResult(current)/(1.0+0.02*(fTP-25.0));

float compensationVolatge=averageVoltage/compensationCoefficient; //temperature compensation


I'm gonna use it on a aquaculture system wich have a known constant temperature of 26°C, can I just change the “25” value for “26” or other value in the script, or there is another way to do it?