SKU:SEN0581 3D_TOF_Sensor_Camera

userHead Valerio Vettori 2024-03-28 21:37:56 162 Views0 Replies

I start using 3D tof sensor in ros2 Humble on Ubuntu 22.04 and see result on RVIZ2; my purpose is to obtain a laserscan from poincloud of 3dTof for navigation.


I need some help for it and solve some problem:


1: when conncented to my laptop using usb, I see two different usb port (lsusb give me une divice but ls /dev give me ttyUSB0 and ttyUSB1) but only one is working for running the ros2 node; they have a same description why two port from usb? 2: I need to start and stop node (ros2 run sipeed_tof_ms_a010 publisher --ros-args -p device:="/dev/ttyUSB0") a few times before start publishing… if I stop the node while working, I must unplug and replug device and start stop node a few times, otherwise the topic start but nothing is published and no topic is created. 3: when all is working (visualization poincloud2 in RVIZ2), the poincloud is rotated of 90 degree (extended to z axis and not on y axis). Is possible to link tof to another link to correct the orientation but this don't solve the function of “poincloud_to_laserscan” node that need only a /cloud node as input. I need to change the orientation of /cloud node published in according to pointcloud_to_laserscan node; How I can do that?


         4: last “extra”;  the ros2 package perform a /depth node; I would try to use “depth_image_to_laserscan” but “camera_info” topic is needed to use this; how I can 

            pubhlsh a correct camera_info topic for this 3dTof?