FireBeetle 2 Vcc doesn't output 5v

userHead Eugenes 2024-03-31 09:35:17 111 Views1 Replies



I've probably missed something really simple here, but I'm trying to hook up an SPI sensor board that needs a 3.3V input and a 5V input.


In the documentation here:


It states:

When powered by 5V-USB, VCC outputs about 4.7V and 3V3 outputs 3.3V


So when I have the Firebeetle 2 plugged just into the USB-C connector (nothing else connected) and running the blink program, I test the voltage levels with my multimeter.


On the 3.3V pins testing vs GND, I see 3.3V, but on the Vcc pin I only see about 0.2V.


It's about the same when I have the sensor board hooked up.


How can I get a 5V or 4.7V output on the Vcc pin please?


Thanks for the help!

2024-03-31 11:22:03

Argh, sorry. Silly me, It was just a pin that came loose!


I should have tested the points from the side of the board, but I'm glad to solve - I've wasted a hours of trying silly stuff!


userHeadPic Eugenes