FireBeetle 2 ESP32 C6 DFR:1075 Stopped working after connecting the solar panel to the VIN input.

userHead Rafael.Machado 2024-04-01 21:12:03 227 Views1 Replies

I bought a FireBeetle 2 ESP32 C6 DFR:1075, two weeks ago on AliExpress everything was working correctly, until the moment I connected a solar panel to the FireBeetle 2, at the VIN input, after connecting the solar panel the board stopped working. I would like to know if it is a board defect? The FireBeetle board no longer supports uploading any firmware. The battery recharge function is working. With the ESPTOOL tool I can upload the TASMOTA firmware, but the Firebeetle no longer appears on my WiFi network as before. It looks like the board has a short circuit. I would like to know if the board has a warranty and if I can claim the warranty, as everything was working, until the moment I connected the solar panel to it.

2024-04-02 19:23:13

For some reason that I don't know, the FireBeetle 2 C6 started working again. However, I haven't used it with the solar panel yet. I'll comment again as soon as I test it with the solar panel.

userHeadPic Rafael.Machado