Firebeetle ESP32 V4.0 USB-Serial Issue

userHead Dennis.Meyer 2024-04-05 21:07:15 124 Views1 Replies

I have 5 firebeetle esp32 v4.0.  I understand this board has the CH340C usb-serial chip and have attempted to install the appropriate drivers.  I've used all 5 boards, on two different machines (one win10 and one win11) with half a dozen cables.  In all instances the boards do not even show up in device manager (and thus I cannot assign the driver to the device).  The boards power up via usb; the chg led blinks rapidly and the blue led flashes 1s on 1s off.  Any help would be appreciated.

2024-04-06 05:48:05

Is it possible that the USB cable is bad?

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