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Learning Template exceeds the upper limit (DF2301Q Voice Module)

userHead Wstuck 2024-04-11 22:15:36 203 Views1 Replies

How doe I reset or clear the memory for the user commands in the DF2301Q Voice Module?


I keep getting the “Learning Template exceeds the upper limit” error.

2024-04-11 23:06:37

I found out how to delete or reset the DF2301Q.


It is in the manual under the Delete Wake Words and Command Words.


1: Say "Hello Robot" or you wake command

DF Module Replies “Yes I am Here”

2: Say “I want to Delete”

DF Module Replies “Do you want to delete a learned Wake Word or Command Word?”

3: Say "Delete All"

DF Module Replies “Deleting Successful”

4: Say “Exit Deleting”



Now you can start over and use the “Learning Command Words” option



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