Throw-in Type Liquid Level Transmitter on Victron

userHead Warwick.Chapman 2024-04-17 14:06:38 199 Views3 Replies

For Liquid Level Transmitter - Immersible KIT0139 if I want to use it on current basis 4-20ma on Victron GX Tank 140, can I connect red to 24V+ and black to In per the table below?


2024-04-23 10:00:10

Sorry for missing the reply. But we are not familiar with the Victron GX Tank.
I'm assuming this is a controller with a 4-20mA input.

In fact, you only need to connect the 4-20mA detection controller in series to the sensor power supply circuit.

This sensor probe is very simple. If you power it with 12~36V, there will be 4-20mA current in its circuit.
However, DFRobot only provides sample code for connecting to Arduino through a current-to-voltage converter. I'm afraid you need to do some reverse engineering of the ArduinoC code from the wiki page.


userHeadPic Yeez_B
2024-04-22 16:53:12

Please let me know if you have any advice on this?

userHeadPic Warwick.Chapman
2024-04-18 21:03:11

Please could I have some support for your product. 

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