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Measuring salt heigth in tank with water. Measure through water or detect water above salt.

userHead Tim.Meeus 2024-04-18 22:53:47 178 Views3 Replies

I'm looking for solutions for measuring the salt heigth in a tank filled with water and salt (softener tank).

Water level can be higher or lower than salt level. Are there any non-contact sensors that can differentiate between water and salt?

Or distance sensors that measure the salt through the water?

All help is welcome.

2024-04-21 02:17:28

how about install this sensor near the bottom of the tank.   It should read DRY when the water level falls below the sensor.


userHeadPic dalepa
Tim.Meeus wrote:

Thanks for the suggestion. I would like to avoid drilling holes in the tank and not sure the product would survive the conditions in the salt/water tank, which is extremy corrosive.

I was thinking about using a huskylens. Could it destinguish water being above the salt level?


2024-04-22 17:52:59
Yeez_B wrote:

Huskylens don't differentiate between the salinity of the water, and the AI camera isn't powerful enough to get this done.

2024-04-25 15:31:16
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