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Checking out new Latte-Panda Mu boards

userHead David.Witten 2024-04-18 23:48:52 213 Views2 Replies

I have received two Latte Panda Mu kits.  I ordered one with the large carrier board including the fan-based heat sink and accessories, The other with the smaller carrier and both passive heat sinks.  These boards offer me a lot of possibilities for development of remote sensor networks wit moderate local processing power.  


The only negatives so far are that I can't figure how the laser-cut acrylic mini-case is meant to fit using the heat sinks (Small support board) and I do not seem to have received a power button to put on the large carrier board.  Any suggestions?



2024-04-24 18:21:50


The laser-cut acrylic is installed between the PCB and the bottom plate so that the bottom plate will not crush the sodering joints when tightening the screws.

I had the same confusion when I unboxed mine.





userHeadPic xingzhao.zhu
2024-04-20 11:56:12

Hello,  I'm wondering if there's an I/O shield offered with the full-function carrier board?  After all, it is the mini-ITX form factor.  It would make using it with an ITX case more convenient. :)

userHeadPic Rick.Downs