speficication document for gravity connectors?

userHead Stefan.Krüger 2024-04-26 18:01:41 182 Views0 Replies

Hello DFRobot-Team,


is there a document describing the pin-out / voltage levels of the Gravity Connectors in generall somewhere?


in specific iam missing these details from the

wiki page - and therefore asked


the connector itself seems to be identically with the Grove System one -

but the pinout seems to have VCC and GND switched.

i don't understand how someone can do something that wicked.. 

that just caught me - i tried to use the SeedStudio Arduino Grove BaseShield to connect the Gravity Voice Module…
(inserting a 1k resistor as i found in the recommendations for the VoiceModule RX pin..)
and only after finding that something really did not workout (power led went off on arduino when connected )
checked every pin…

had never come to my mind that the same connector is used with inverse polarity…



sunny greetings