New Romeo V2 - Not Seen by Windows 11 Laptops, Missing Something?

userHead Stephen.Drapak4732 2024-05-16 11:32:52 92 Views2 Replies

Just picked up a Romeo 2, it powers on when connected to USB2 or USB3 ports (red light on, white light flashes), I've loaded the dfrobot_duino_driver and CH34 drivers, but there's no beep when plugging in the device to the laptops and nothing appears in the device manager list, is there another step needed to have it recognized?




2024-05-31 22:01:17

Glad to see it has been sovled.

userHeadPic R2D2C3PO
2024-05-27 22:43:49

Well it turns out it was a wonky USB cable.  Many thanks to support for helping!

userHeadPic Stephen.Drapak4732