DFRDuino Romeo V1 ( new version)

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Hi suport team,
Documentation for romeo is not updated, please give me : schematic, pin, jumper documentation.

There is no more 'wireless jumper", how disconnect a wireless module now ??

You give 3 females jumpers for keyboard, why not a male jumper for Power motor to Vin ??

Sincerly, Teiva
2011-01-21 18:41:09 I'v made a "User Guide for Romeo 2010 V1", but, sorry it is in french  :)

Look at : ... p-146.html
Document is : Guide Utilisateur Romeo 2010 V1

A+ Teiva
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2011-01-19 15:46:30 I think the manual is used for the older version of the Romeo.

The two pins closest to screw terminal for the motor power are used to connect the pin masked VIN of the motor power to the VIN pin of the Romeo.
So, you can use the option when you are powering the microcontroller and support circuitry from the motor power supply.

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2011-01-18 13:43:50 Is there more info on the Romeo? The manual doesn't cover everything. Not much about connecting servos or how the power is handled on the board. It seems like you can power the whole board from the motor power? userHeadPic mobilewill
2010-11-24 22:05:06 Thank's admin,
But It's same doc than previous version.

where is on V1 :
[quote]Wireless Select Jumper

Applying the Wireless Select Jumper will allow the Romeo communicate via its wireless module such as APC220 and DF-Bluetooth module. If no wireless module is plugged, this jumper does not make any difference.

Removing the jumper will disable wireless module and allows the sketch to be uploaded.

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2010-11-24 16:09:25 Sorry, link has been fixed. userHeadPic R2D2C3PO
2010-11-23 18:11:29 There is currently no text in this page.  >:( userHeadPic Teiva