DFR1117 ESP32-C6 serial monitor do not connect

userHead Gimont31 2024-05-28 02:05:47 69 Views3 Replies


I use the DFR1117 beetle ESP32-C6  arduino IDE2.3.2  board manager ESP32 3.0.0rc3



I did follow all steps given here for first time use



I get this msg: A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to ESP32-C6: No serial data received.


after hold down boot button and press reset , upload, then  I push reset again, the led is blinking, ( code uploaded) but the port COM1 is still unavailable…

I saw same issue in other post but, does not work for me…

2024-05-30 17:31:19

Yes, I also replied to you on another Topic. Failure to upload is usually a problem with the USB cable or port.

userHeadPic Yeez_B
2024-05-29 07:02:59

Sorry for inconveneience, problem fixed, this was due to the USB -C cable, power cable only…

May be this is good to know for newbies  to double check cables!!!!!

userHeadPic Gimont31
2024-05-28 22:32:27

I also tried on IDE1.8.19 ( installed from scratch). With this IDE the status at the bottom  says  COM1 disabled…

userHeadPic Gimont31