DFPlayer folder repeat and skip to next folder

userHead Account cancelled 2018-01-12 14:31:38 730 Views0 Replies
My DFPlayer is working great except for 2 functions I'm hoping it has but I can't figure out.

I want it to stay in a folder looping through the songs in the folder and only change folders when told to jump to next folder or previous folder.

1: is there a way to make it repeat folder such that after playing the last song in a folder it loops back to the first song in that same folder and continues playing. I tried sending cmd 0x08 arg 1 for 'folder repeat' but it doesn't seem to work, it just continues on to the next folder when it finishes playing the last song in a folder.

2: is there a way to make it skip to next folder? I was able to make it play specific folder and specific song but that required special numeric names for the folder and file. I can't use special names for folders and files so I am hoping there is a way to jump to next folder without giving it a special name.

Thank you for any suggestions.