DFR0063 I2C LCD technical question

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I am using a PC program I created that talks to Arduino via Firmata. The Arduino talks I2C to an EEPROM and the DFR0063.

I know that my I2C stuff is working. I can write to and read from EEPROM. I can turn the LCD backlight on and off at will.

However, I cannot get the LCD to do anything else. I have had it do weird stuff. And I know that when you get it configured to 2-line, both lines will have faint blocks visible (dependent on contrast).

So I am thinking I am missing something. As much as I read the available source code I can't figure it out.

I can see that the LCD interface acts like a shift register, moving 8 bits in and latching them to the LCD pins.

My first question on this topic: what is the order of pins?

I "think" it is: D7 D6 D5 D4 BK E RW RS

Is this correct?

If it is, then I have to dig even deeper and will post follow up question(s).

2011-03-01 12:23:03 1) Make sure you uploaded the right library (not the library comes with Arduino IDE. it gives black block)

2) There is a contrast adjust potential meter on the back of the LCD unit. Make sure you have played with it.

3) Make sure you have sufficient power and current.
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