DFRobot SEN0188 Fingerprint - [Arduino Libraries]

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For a project I am using SEN0188 sensor, which has superior storage capacity when compared to the standard models, modifying the examples of the library it was easy to register the biometrics (enroll.ino).
However, I can not do the quick search on the sensor bank (fingerprint.ino) , only the ids below something close to 162 are recognized. The display of the templates (show_fingerprint_templates.ino) works normally.

The library used was Adafruit's recommended library, however, it does not fully support the sensor.

uint8_t Fingerprint::fingerFastSearch(void) {
// high speed search of slot #1 starting at page 0x0000 and page #0x00A3

fingerID = 0xFFFF;
confidence = 0xFFFF;
fingerID =[1];
fingerID <<= 8;
fingerID |=[2];
confidence =[3];
confidence <<= 8;
confidence |=[4];

Changing the value to 0xFF expands the fetch up to 255, but the communication protocol apparently does not allow 0x3E8 or 0xFFF

The question that is how to fix the quick search (fingerFastSearch) to read and match with all the saved images in the bank?