How to connect to internet with DF Robot Wifi Shield

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Dear Arduino Fans,

I have bought the dfrobot wifi shield:

And I want to do the following, but I am totally clueless:
I want the wifi module to connect to a internet page ( and retreive its data, send that to arduino so arduino can evaluate the data. Actually the same functionality as the ethernet shield, but then wireless.

I have setup the wifi shield to connect to my router. But I totallly dont know where to start. Is it even possible to retreive a webpage with the wifi shield? I understood that it is possible to use the wifi shield to wirelessly communicate as a serial port to arduino. But I do not want to communicate to the arduino+wifi shield by a COM/serial port. I want to communicate with it over internet!

And I also do not understand the three jumpers.

Thanks for helping!
2011-05-24 12:45:47 Hi Mikedeklerk,

I am looking into this...So far my idea is to use a python script to interface between the arduino and the PC.

You can do a simple search on google for "arduino python" (with out quotes) if you want do some research of your own. Here are a couple o links to get you started:

Hope this helps.

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