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Bluno Nano Problems (Reading its characteristics & Resetting its factory services)

userHead info 2018-02-06 06:09:45 1208 Views0 Replies
ok I have 2 bluno nanos, each with a different problem:

1. Bluno Nano v1.9: I had it working with a sketch where I could send string data from a BLE iphone application (BlueCap, LightBlue, BlueScanner, BlunoTerminal and I could see the data received on the bluno side by viewing it on the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor. While messing with different sketches, all of a sudden this bluno lost one of its 2 factory services. I dont know which one, but I know that it only broadcasts 1 service now and I can no longer connect to the bluno with any app or even with my computer. I used to be able to connect with the bluno app over bluetooth and see both services and read/write to them, but not any more. Originally the board was v1.8, I even tried upgrading it to v1.9 but factory services were not restored.

QUESTION #1: Can it be fixed and how?

ANSWERED: 2 days without plugging it in and its back to normal! YEAY!

2. Bluno Nano v1.8: I just got this other Bluno working with the simple sketch for receiving from the BlunoTerminal iOS app:
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void setup() {
  Serial.begin(115200);  //initial the Serial
void loop() {
  if (Serial.available())  {
    Serial.write(;//send what has been received
    Serial.println();   //print line feed character
It works perfectly!

As for sending data, Im confused how it works. This works perfectly, I can see the value in my BlunoTerminal or even the DFRobot iOS BlunoTestDemo app:
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void setup(){
void loop(){
void sendOverBLE() {
    Serial.write("59");//send what has been received
    Serial.println();   //print line feed character
And it sends the data from bluno to BlunoTerminal iOS app. But when I send the number 59, which is what I want because I need to send numeric data to the phone, I get a ; which is the ascii representation of the number 59. So how do I send numeric values?

If I understand correctly, I can get the data from my bluno on my ble device in 2 different ways: (a) reading serial data written from the bluno to the iOS app BlunoTerminal {which is what I did in the above sketch with "59"} and (b) reading the dfb0 characteristic value from any iOS ble app like BlueCap or LightBlue and see what the sent value is.

Please explain 2 things:
QUESTION #2: Can I take a value in my bluno sketch and put it into its dfb0 ble characteristic and have the ios ble LightBlue/BlueCap read it? how?

QUESTION #3: If the above cannot be done, or even if the above is an option, how do I make the other option? How do I send the numeric vlaue of 59 to the ios BlunoTerminal app?

I noticed that sometimes when I run the sketch that sends 59 from the bluno to the iOS BlunoTerminal app, sometimes the app gets (null). And it is not until I open the Arduino IDE Serial Monitor that it begins to send the correct data instead of null.

QUESTION #4: Why does this happen?