Access the web-configuration interface of my Wifi shild

userHead jessy 2011-06-14 16:35:08 6187 Views3 Replies
When configuring the Wifi shield through the web-interface I changed it from acting as an access point to instead join my Wifi-network. This seems to work, since I can see the device turning up in the log of my Wifi-accesspoint. However, I am no longer able to access the web-configuration interface of my Wifi shild. Making a serial connection through telnet (to port 5000) doesn't work either, as it did before. Configuring through the USB-serial commands doesn't seem to have any effect either.

However, I managed to reset the device to factory settings by using the pin 17 active-high method. I could see a network named WLANAP show up (with a poor signal) for a couple of seconds a few times, but I was never able to join it with my computer. After a while I couldn't see the WLANAP SSID anymore either. So obviously the device has some kind of problem that wasn't rectified by doing a factory reset.

Is there any way in which I could fix it, for example by flashing the firmware in some way? If not I would like to return the product, preferably in exchange for other products of the same value (since I figured the Wifi shield didn't really work with some libraries that I expected it to work with, and thus doesn't really for my intended purpose). If you only agree to exchange it for a new Wifi shield of the same model, I'll probably have to sell it on eBay or something. :)
2011-06-16 21:58:58 Hi Simon:

Make sure you power the wifi shield using external power. As this module draw a lot current.

The usb power is not enough for it.  You can simply power the arduino via the power jack and still connect the usb cable to the Arduino.

To see if it helps.

Trust me, to play with wifi, you need to be a little bit patient.
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2011-06-14 18:31:13 I'm the Simon who's message jessy posted. (I sent it privately to DFRobot, but gave them the permission to post it.)

I made this sketch and connected a jumper wire from pin 22 on the arduino and put it straight onto pin 17 on the Wifi-module.

[code]int pin = 22;

void setup() {
  pinMode(pin, OUTPUT);
  Serial.begin(9600); //Probably unnecessary line of code, but it happened to slip into the sketch that I used.

void loop() {

Before that I did try holding down the reset button, but didn't notice any effect.

My intended project was to make a Roboshop/DFRobot Rover controllable using a mobile-browser communicating directly with a websocket-server on the Arduino. There are a couple of websocket-solutions for Arduino out there, and they seem to require Ethernet.h and maybe some other library too. I intended to try with this one apparently I should have done a bit more research before ordering the Wifi shield, I just went with the only one that was claimed to be supported by my robot.

  cheers, Simon
PS. The Async lab Wifi shiled again is claimed not to work with the Rover (according to the manual), however someone got it working under certain conditions... see comments's some further info about that project
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2011-06-14 17:04:32 Hi Simon,

How did you do the "pin 17 active-high method" reset? The included reset button on the shield will do the same function. You can try it again, see if this clears things up.
Unfortunately this shield does not work with some standard Arduino libraries.

Could you give me a brief description of what project you are trying to achieve?

Give me a few days, and I will write up a small tutorial on using the wifi shield.


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