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userHead bkrause 2011-07-08 11:22:29 4720 Views1 Replies
hi guys, i have a romeo board bought for the bluetooth/apc220 connector feature, my questions is there a micro controller that also has the built in bluetooth/apc220 connector? or is the romeo the only one

also am i correct in thinking there is a expansion shield that has the bluetooth/apc220 connector incorporated? and is there any motor controllers thats support 12v 3amps for the arduino family?

cheers guys
2011-07-08 15:20:43 Hi Bkrause,

Please check your private messages I have sent you one. Aslo, there is a few shields that have the Bluetooth/APC220 connector incorporated.
The input shield, the 32 servo controller shield, and the IO expansion shields are a few that have the connector incorporated. Also, we have a new product that will be launched next week, it also has the connector plus a few very exiting features!


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