Problem with Sound sensor

userHead rookie101 2011-07-10 06:23:28 5285 Views2 Replies
I'm current working on a project with an RGB LED, hoping to change the colour according to how loud the sound is. I'm using a DFRobot sound sensor, and the problem is when ever I look at the Serial monitor I get the same value 705, sometimes 704 or 706. I am 100% it is connected properly ( I had the same step up when I got the sensor to test it, clap my hands and the LED blinks). I've even tried it with a simple sketch to make sure my code was not the problem. I've just tried using my vibration sensor the same way and it works perfectly. Being new to electronics, is there something wrong with the sensor or is it something I'm doing?
2011-07-11 17:04:54 Hi Hector

Thanks for the reply but I've managed to determine that the mic on the board is faulty. I took into account that there might be a problem with my code so I the standard code provided by DFRobot for the board on the site. Since then I have replaced the board with the same set up and everything is working perfectly.

Thanks for the reply
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2011-07-11 12:02:29 Hi Rookie101,

Could you please post the code you are using and tell me which PIN you have the sensor connected to? Is it an analog or digital pin?

userHeadPic Hector