Problem with Gravity MOSFET Power Controller

userHead Account cancelled 2018-03-11 21:00:04 784 Views0 Replies
Hello all,

I have purchased a bunch of Gravity MOSFET Power Controllers (SKU DFR0457) in order to control the opening and closing of some solenoid valves. The idea is that I would be able to send digital signals from my Arduino Mega to the MOSFET, which then output the corresponding voltage to the solenoid valve.

I am having the issue that I am not receiving any response from the MOSFET when I am sending the signals from my Arduino. Should the LEDs on the MOSFET blink when the Arduino signal is received? So far I have seen no blinking. I I have checked the voltage and the MOSFET is getting powered with 24V and the signal with 5V. I have checked the pins of my Arduino with LEDs and they are working fine. Please see the attached drawing of how I am wiring the system. Please let me know if you see any error or what I can do to diagnose my problem. Thanks a lot!
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