Audio Shield

userHead jduda 2011-09-06 02:26:52 4888 Views3 Replies
Is there a schematic available for the Audio Shield?
Should I expect this to work with using PWM for playing audio?

Thank you.

2011-09-26 15:03:46 Hi Jim,

Here is a link to the schematic for the Amplifier module:
[URL= Module SCH DFR0064.pdf] 386Amp Schematic [/URL]

userHeadPic Hector
2011-09-25 18:47:22 Hector,

I should have been more clear.

I am referring to the DFR0064, 386AMP audio amplifier Module (Arduino compatible).

Do you have a schematic for this?  I'm using a PWM audio input to this device but I'm not getting any amplification.  The audio from the speaker is the same as using a simple resistor between PWM and speaker itself.  I must be doing something wrong and a schematic might help me troubleshoot.


userHeadPic jduda
2011-09-06 10:19:14 Hi Jim,

We do not have an "audio shield" but we do have a few different shields that play MP3s or amplify audio. I am not sure which product you are talking about.

If you are talking about the DFRduino player.
Please have a look at the product page. At the bottom there is a link to the schematic.

userHeadPic Hector