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Bluno beetle - Bluetooth HID keyboard bridge (to USB)

userHead Account cancelled 2018-03-15 09:03:24 1716 Views0 Replies
I'd like to "pair" a Bluetooth keyboard with a bluno beetle, so keys typed are readable by the microcontrler (presumably by reading serial characters )
The controller would then pass most of the keys typed on to a PC via a USB HID device

The code would also respond to a few keys in special ways, which is not relevant to this question but think of it as a way of making keyboard macros.

1. can the beetle accept pairings from a standard keyboard? I accept that the micro might need to have the keyboards pairing hard coded. This would be fine for my requirements

2. I'm assuming the beetle can emulate a USB keyboard in a similar way to the various Arduino projects that do this. Is this a fair Assumption?

My main purpose in this project is so I can use a Logictech k810 multi device keyboard to control pcs that don't have Bluetooth support - and it's not going to be appropriate to install drivers for a Bluetooth adapter on the pcs.