Speaker plugs for DFRduino Player

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yesterday my DFRduino Player was in the mail. Haven't tested it yet... I was glad to see there is a cable/plug included to attach the player to the Arduino, the single pin header plugs are a nice touch. Not included are cables for speaker attachment. Can you please tell me under what name I should search for the plugs that go into the speaker sockets?

Also, some more questions:
[*]The schematics show a microphone input that goes into the VLSI chip. Is the pin header / jumper named "MONO" above the caps at the bottom right of the board for connecting a microphone, or what other purpose does it have?
[*]The 6-pin header is for ICSP programming, I guess. Is the software open-source? I'd be interested in hacking around with the microphone input.


2011-10-08 10:56:09 Hi Bjoerngiesler,

The name for the socket plugs is: JST connector. Here is a link to [URL=]JST connectors[/URL]

you could also use some female pins to connect the speakers, although the connection might not be stable.

[list type=decimal]
[*]I believe that the mic is not mapped out on the board. The "MONO" pins are for a jumper to toggle MONO/Stereo speaker output.
[*]You can use the ICSP header for programming, however the source code on there now is not currently open-source, so you would have to make your own program to control the board, and would not be able to reflash the original code back onto the board. I am working with the designer to make it available, but I am not sure how long this will take. The next version of the board will be completely open-source. I will also suggest they map the Microphone input.

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