what ethernet shield for arduino-ROMEO?

userHead Jean_Luc 2011-10-11 17:50:08 4660 Views2 Replies
I would like to buy a shield-ethernet card for my arduino-ROMEO, on French websites, it is often written "not compatible with ROMEO" ... what is ethernet shield work with my Arduino-romeo? Thank you for your help.
2011-10-12 20:43:11 Thank you for your information Hector! userHeadPic Jean_Luc
2011-10-12 10:55:37 Hi Jean_Luc,

The [URL=] DFR0006 [/URL] Is compatible with the ROMEO. Please NOTE: that the SD Module on this shield is NOT functional.
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[color=rgb(77, 77, 77)][font=Arial]The[/font][/color] [URL=] DFR00125 [/URL] is not compatible with the ROMEO because this shield makes use of the ICSP Header, which is shifted slightly on the Romeo due to the Motor controller chip. You could make use of this Shield, but the SD module would not be functional. A way around this would be to jumper the ICSP pins from the romeo to the ICSP pins on the shield.

userHeadPic Hector