Romeo sound

userHead ViennaMike 2011-11-08 02:52:41 3762 Views3 Replies
I got a Romeo almost a year ago and finally got the time to start working with it. When trying the sample code to move the robot, I got a tiny amount of movement and longer tones.  I'll keep looking at what I'm doing, but does this mean there's a speaker on the board?  Why am I hearing a tone, and can the user control/program it?
2011-11-09 23:15:12 Try max speed which should reduce the motor noise a little bit.  The main reason is due to the pwm output for romeo is about 500hz, and some motors usually need more PWM frequency than default. userHeadPic R2D2C3PO
2011-11-08 10:16:18 Hector, Thanks!  For some reason when I run the serial comm. example, the motors make a strange
tone that really doesn't sound like a motor.  I don't get that running some other examples,
just a motor noise like I'd expect.  But that's fine. 
userHeadPic ViennaMike
2011-11-08 09:47:24 Hi Mike,

If you are using the yellow DC motors, they make a some noise when operated. There is no spkr on the Romeo, there should be no sound coming from the Romeo

userHeadPic Hector