Unable to get APC220 Module to communicate

userHead Account cancelled 2011-11-30 18:28:33 3665 Views1 Replies
I recently purchased the Robotshop Rover and am trying to control it wirelessly from my computer with a pair of APC220 modules.

I have done simple test programs to have the controller send lines of text over serial.  I am able to use RFMagic to configure the two APC modules.  Configured everything on my computer, but when the module is connected to the Arduino, I feel like the controller is not set to transmit anything.
2011-11-30 22:54:48 Do you have any chance to test the apc220 to make sure it works as you configured?

Under RFmagic software, you need to make sure all APC220 has the same baud rate and frequency.  And another tip will be to make sure the Arduino serial baud rate is the same as APC220 baud rate.
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