LCD 128x64

userHead adamcharlie 2011-12-03 07:57:40 4881 Views2 Replies
I have purchased DFRobot LCD screen 128x64 pixels, with  ST7920 controller. On the back there is a number 12864ZB V1.2. I was trying to make that display work in th SPI mode and I have moved the variabl resistor Vr1 towards R10, but somehow I couldn't make it work with Arduino using your sample. I only got lit up screen and nothing on it. THen I decided to try standard parallel mode so I moved the potentiometer a bit to the other direction, but still no result. Could you tell me what resistance I should measure across pins Vr1 and R9 or R10 in SPI and parallel configuration so that I could be sure that I'm in the right setting.
2011-12-07 14:45:17 Usually this LCD comes pre-calibrated to the right intensity. I'm not sure what you might have done already to modify this. You might try searching on google, there is plenty of information about this LCD out there.

Here is a blog that walks you through the setup. Please let me know if you need more help


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2011-12-03 23:40:20 I have managed to figure out this parallel, spi resistor setting so now I can make the examples work, however I still do not now how to adjust the contrast I have connected a 10k pot to ground and +5V and the output tof it to V0 but as I turn the pot the contrast is still very weak all the time. There is Vout pin and from datasheet I understand that it can be used as contrast reference but in order not to mess anything up I would like to ask how the contrast regulation resistor should be connected. userHeadPic adamcharlie