128x64 lcd code generation

userHead dev5994 2011-12-30 16:00:02 5235 Views9 Replies
I was wondering how you guys created the dfrobot logo in the picture example found on this page:
I can't find a program to generate the hex array and really would like to know how you did it!
2018-03-14 14:57:13 How about light the pixel by using the Sin function. Hope this blog's code can give you some idea ... kia-LCD-5/ userHeadPic robert.chen
2018-03-12 01:11:07 Hi all im new to using the 12864 display, from the code i have worked out how to display stored numbers, but im trying to display a sine wave and there is no example of how to draw anything, can anyone help? userHeadPic ammcinnes101
2012-01-04 10:29:50 Hi Dev5994,

Would you mind sharing the process so that others might be able to use it?

userHeadPic Hector
2011-12-30 20:26:24 This program only outputs BASIC however a quick writeup and now i have a program that converts it to C. Thank you for the help! userHeadPic dev5994
2011-12-30 18:13:54 We found an alternative!

userHeadPic Hector
2011-12-30 17:45:37 Dev,

I asked, and they used a Chinese software called CharacterMatrix. Unfortunately its all in Chinese...We are looking for an alternative in English, but aren't having much luck.
userHeadPic Hector
2011-12-30 16:00:02 Hi,

I'm not sure how they made the graphic.

Have you seen this page:

userHeadPic Hector
2011-12-30 16:00:02 Yes I have. I've done a lot of research on the topic and i can't find a program that does it quite right. Is it possible for you to find out how they did it? userHeadPic dev5994