RGB Ring V3 @ 3.3v?

userHead bsidhi 2012-02-07 01:26:30 4426 Views5 Replies
Hi folks.  I already have v2 version of this ring and I just noticed you came out with v3 with an improvement that will really save costs for me: voltage selection jumper J1 to select between VIN and 3.3v regulated output ... or that's what it looks like from the schematics.

Can you please confirm that I can indeed run the ATmega168 @ 3.3v/16MHz with this jumper?

Will it make the LEDs dimmer or won't that matter because you have a bunch of 8050's anyway?
2012-02-10 11:17:52 ;D

Haw-haw. Yes, I agree that we need to design more 3.3v device. Specially, when I was trying to do some projects in a small space and some devices easily to be carried, it will be better to supply power directly using 3.7v Lipo battery for the system.

Thanks. 8)
userHeadPic Lauren
2012-02-10 08:08:10 Yes, exactly.  The ring will be one of the output devices in a network of sensor nodes.  It will be just like those coasters that you get at restaurants when they can't seat you right away.  Only mine will be better  ;D

Better how?  Well, you could teach it to blink at you when the washing machine is finished, for example.  This will need the help of other cheap sensors scattered around the house of course.  The possibilities are endless when you bring wireless into the equation.

You guys should make more 3.3v-friendly stuff.  That's pretty much what modern sensors run at.
userHeadPic bsidhi
2012-02-09 15:08:09 :)

It sounds good. So you're going to control the Ring via the wireless communication?
userHeadPic Lauren
2012-02-08 22:38:59 Already tried this with my v2 (supplied v2 with 3.3v VIN) and couldn't tell with the naked eyes that they were any dimmer.  I guess it's good enough.  I want to use these rings with the RFM12B or CC1100 radios that work at 3.3v so instead of using more resistors or logic level converter I might as well run the ring at 3.3v and be done with.  Looks like it will run at 16MHz as well which is nice. userHeadPic bsidhi
2012-02-08 14:14:58 Hi,

1- Actually, the main difference between v2 and v3 is that the designer add two push button for the board , in order to switch one light effect to the other.
2- The jumper in the the sch is just designed for test the different power supply, but not a full function now. So the power supply for this version is still 5v.
3- But you also could try to supply the 3.3v via the FTDI pin. It won't damage the voltage regulator for the VIN.And also you could see the effect by using your V2 board. It will be a little dimmer than using 5v power supply. But it will still work well
4- If you ganna to make it work at 3.3v, you just need to replace the resistors for the [R1-R6 in the sch] to force the led lighter.

Hope it's helpful. ;)
userHeadPic Lauren