x-board v2 and Xbee S2

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I've just received my x-board and i'm trying to use a Xbee module that I have however there is no drawing on the board showing the correct way Xbee should be connected.

I've plugged it with the antenna facing the "outside" of the board, meaning that the "arrow tip" side of Xbee is facing outside.

But when I try to upload a sketch to the x-board I get an error message, if I unplug the xbee the same sketch is uploaded flawlessly. So my first question is, am I connecting the xbee module correctly? If so, why the upload process fail?

And finally, in order to use the Xbee, do I need to load any library, or just using the "serial" is fine? Is there any code example showing X-board using Xbee?

2012-02-29 08:03:06 Thank you for the support. userHeadPic Thiapalm
2012-02-27 10:49:52 :)

1- I make the Xbee S2 modules work well in API mode before. But not clear about the AT mode.

2- The Ethernet chip is connected to the SPI pins and the Xbee is connected to the TTL(UART) pins. So there's is no conflict between Ethernet and the Wireless communication.
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2012-02-23 19:12:30 Thanks for the Help Lauren.

Nice to know about the "trick" to upload the sketches....

I'm trying to use an XBee series 2 (TEL0020) in AT mode. I've managed to configure it to "talk" to another XBee S2 but without any Arduino-like board connected.

If I understood you right, in such a case I would need to use one library (such as the ones you posted) to make it "talk".

Do you see any problem/conflict to use XBee and Ethernet connection at the same time on the X-board?

Thanks once more for the help !
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2012-02-23 17:45:38 Hello,

The way you plug in your Xbee module is correct and also it's normal that the arduino IDE will failed to upload code to Arduino when the board is connected to the Xbee. Because the programmer upload code to Arduino via the TTL interface, and the Xbee module is also consume this interface. So there's a hardware conflict.

On the other hand,if you're going to transmit the command in AT mode with Xbee 1mw modules, you don't need some library.Just use the Serial function.It'll work. But if you want some complex functions or some Xbee Series 2 modules , your may could try to download some library about.And also may need to read some tutorials to configure them.

I find some tutorials and a library for the xbee modules. Hope it's helpful. :D

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