“IR Kit For Arduino“

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I m using your IT Kit and have the following questions:
( I did post before but can not find it back, sorry)

1)Which protocol  uses the “IR Kit For Arduino“ , is it the Sony SIRC protocol?

From the website you provided a link to in post 1, the Arduino Library zip file contains a file “IRremote.ccp” which includes code for NEC, RC5 and Sony protocols.
The “Wiki” document accesed from the same webpage has definitions such as #define IR_BIT_LENGTH 32 which may be for the NEC protocol rather than the Sony SIRC protocol.

2) what components are there on the receiver  print?

Check that the small component on the receiver board just above the “www” (of the www. Dfrobot .com ) is a pull-up resistor from the IR receiver component dataline to the Vcc line. A generalisation, however, most IR receivers of the type used in these sorts of projects are open collector output and require a pull-up resistor on the dataline.

3) Do you have the details of the remote control or is it a universal one?

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2012-03-07 12:16:19 1) Its the NEC Protocol
Here is a link with a little more info:

2)This question is not clear...If you bought the kit, the receiver is ready to be plugged into the Arduino without the need for an additional resistor.

3)The remote is using the NEC protocols.

If you have more questions please feel free to post back here.
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