X-Board v1.1

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Hi to all,

I have the older version v1.1 and I would like to know what maximum supply voltage should be on the white JST connector - 5V as on USB or lower ?? Unfortunately the schematic on wiki is for the latest X-Board version only ...  :-[

Thanks for your suggestions
2012-03-26 15:18:08 HI: forget to post the link.

Here it is: [url=][/url]
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2012-03-26 14:43:00 Hi Ricky,

may I place a small reminder on old v1.1 schematic (if available, of course)..... ??
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2012-03-23 00:48:52 Power xboard with only 1 lipo won't harm it. We use fully charged 1 unit lipo battery to play the board without any problem.

I will try to find the old schematic for you. But have to do it 8 hours later. It is 0:30 am .....
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2012-03-23 00:45:17 Thanks Ricky, you are faster than the light :-)

Even I can't find clear information on JST I take the connector is foreseen for 1 Li-pol = up to max. 4,2V when fully charged. BTW is still available the link to schematic for the older X-Board ??

Have a nice evening
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2012-03-23 00:05:32 The white JST is 3.7V. check the wiki for old  version

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