Relay module V2.1 connections

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I have bought 2 Relay module V2.1 connections and the pinout on the board are:

I don't find instructions for this relay module. I have found about DFR0017. Are the same?

Can I connect my Relay module V2.1  to 220v to light on/off?
Can you send me some diagram of connecting my relay module and code?
many many thanks
2012-04-13 12:44:44 Hi,

This is an overall view: [url=][/url]

The wiki is a very useful place for our products. It is full of sample codes, and connection diagrams. Just use the right side search to find anything you are looking for.

For example to find anything related to the relay module. Just search for "relay" with out the quotes.
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2012-04-12 19:08:19 Thank you very much.
In the tutorial you sent me, I see how to connect the lamp to the relay module but not to arduino.
Can you send me how to connect to arduino, relay module and lamp, please?
many thanks
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2012-04-12 09:53:27 [font=Verdana]If you have a 220 volt system, then a 60 watt light will pull 1/4 amp.[/font]

[color=rgb(58, 42, 52)][font=Verdana]Volts X Amps = Watts[/font][/color]
[color=rgb(58, 42, 52)][font=Verdana]220V/Watts = Amps[/font][/color]
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2012-04-12 02:09:30 thank you:
I will use only a lamp. I don't know the amps. Where can I see the amps for the lamp?
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2012-04-11 12:12:25 Hi,

NO -Normally Open

NC -Normally Closed

N/A -Not Active

COM -is the pin that will connect to either the NO or NC pin.

The relay can handle the 220V but you should be careful with the current. How many amps will your appliance be consuming? Generally, a lamp should be fine.

Please have a look at the wiring diagram at:
[url=] Relay tutorial[/url]

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